How to Create a Free Website on WordPress?


Last Updated on June 4, 2021

Finally, we are here, to create our first personal or professional WordPress website for free.

In our previous lessons, we learned about websites, how they work, different types of websites, and free website builders online. Now we will learn how to setup a website so that you can work on it and share it with others.

Although there are many other best free website builders, we are going to make our first website on WordPress.

Things To Know Before You Make a WordPress Website For Free

In order to build a free website, you will need these 2 things:

  1. Domain Name – where people can access your website. For example, is our address.
  2. Web Hosting – storage where you will keep your website’s files and other documents

You can read more about the domains and web hosting in our types of websites lesson.

Before we move ahead, you should know that to make a free WordPress site, you can’t use your own free domain. What does that mean? Either you have to buy a cheap domain name or use your website on some sub-domain such as

Let’s start 

Step 1 – Signup to

To create a WordPress website for free, you need to register here –

Make a free wordpress site - Hosted Legit

When you open that link, you’ll be redirected to the sign-up page –

Make free website on wordpress - Hosted Legit

Congratulations, we have come so far in our create a free website on the WordPress journey.

Step 2 – Choose a domain name

Now, you will a screen to choose your domain name. Enter the name by which you want your free WordPress site to be called.

create wordpress website for free - Hosted Legit

Step 3 – Choose the package for your free WordPress site

Since we are making a free WordPress website, we will choose the free package in this step.

Hosted Legit

Congratulations, you just made a free WordPress site online.

Step 4 – Publish your site

Your website has been created, but it won’t be visible to others until you launch or publish it. No worries, it’s just a 1-step process. Open your website in a new tab, in my case, it was – and click on launch website.


Hosted Legit

After following these steps, you will be able to publish your website easily.

Hooray! We just created a free WP site. Now you can easily explore or browse the settings of your WordPress that we made for free.

You can let me know in the comment section if there is anything that was missed by mistake, it will be updated asap after a review.

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